Why more and more large firms are opting for Coworking spaces

The corporate world is taken over by Coworking or Shared spaces completely. The graph is shooting up for the Coworking sector. Earlier Coworking Spaces were believed to be meant for only Freelancers, independent thinkers, remote workers or anyone who clearly prefers to works in a non traditional way and do not prefer the typical 9–5 routine. Any corporate whose vision and mission is based on a conformed long practiced 9–5 setup used to steer clear of such unorthodox concept. However, in the past few years, this scenario have seen a drastic change and it has become more evident that Coworking Spaces have clearly taken over the biggest of conglomerates too under its influence. So, why is it that more and more large firms are opting for Coworking spaces. The reason is not one but many, below are few top reasons on why larger firms are changing direction towards Coworking Spaces.

  1. Lower Cost & Flexibility — This is probably one of the biggest reason why most large companies are choosing in favour of Coworking Spaces with the Country’s economy dipping at the deeper end, more and more Companies are shifting towards Coworking spaces to cut cost on the huge rentals on buildings given real estate prices have skyrocketed manifolds in the past few years.
  2. Fully Furnished and customized spaces- This is the second most important factor for many large companies to opt for this kind of setup given you don’t have to expend huge costs on the decor and interiors of the office as such set ups are fully furnished & ready to move in. The fact that you have the liberty to choose and customize your dedicated space is an added benefit that makes it even more attractive to such companies.
  3. Hassle free Internet Setup- One of the reasons for large companies to look at Coworking Spaces are the seamless internet connectivity and associated services they provide to its customers. Today no Company can survive without the internet and the connectivity issue is the most imperative when one decides to set up an office, given Coworking Spaces provides high end and fast internet services which are already tried and tested, hence, they become much more preferred for large firms. Few of the most sought after Coworking spaces are located in South Delhi.
  4. Community- After years of working in isolation, these large companies have warmed up to the idea of living and growing with a Community, today with the cut-throat competition to stay ahead many large companies are in favour of working within a community to grow their customer base at the grass root level and Coworking spaces provides excellent opportunity when it comes to marketing and advertising your product within a close knit networks and the constant team building exercises brings the Community closer and the various co-companies that are housed in such Coworking spaces further help generate more business given any company is more approachable in a Coworking setups compared to Firms that are independently housed.